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Located at

No. 5, Mayfair Gardens Commercial Complex
110016 New Delhi

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Bipaschit Bose

CEO, Prospect, India

New Delhi


is an executive search firm and one of the pioneers in retained executive search in India.

PROSPECT has helped the world's finest global corporations hire in India, and the finest Indian corporations hire globally. It is amongst the first few firms to offer the reliability and focus of retained executive search to the Indian client. PROSPECT'S approach to business is based on the philosophy that all long-term relationships are a result of little acts of authenticity from day to day.

PROSPECT maintains exceptionally high standards of delivery and transparency, serving several Fortune 500 companies which operate in India and large Indian listed companies in key industries, who are looking for resources in the major Indian commercial centers and internationally.

Headquartered in India's capital, New Delhi, PROSPECT manages to combine the sophistication and transparency that is required to be able to work with the world's finest corporations, with a deep understanding of the multicultural, deep, complex melting pot that is India. The professionals that the firm has placed over the years are respected business leaders today.

Industry Specialities

Retail & Consumer Goods

Financial Services & Private Equity

Technology & Engineering

Not-for-Profit & Education

Manufactoring & Automotive

IT & Telecom