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Reffett Associates has been awarded a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement by the Department of Veterans Affairs for a national effort to recruit both Clinical Executives and Medical personnel.  This includes Medical Center and Network Director positions, as well as Physicians, Nurses, Specialists, and other healthcare providers in the Department’s 1,233 healthcare facilities, which includes the 168 VA Medical Centers.

Hosted by member McDermott & Bull, Irvine, CA, Agilium Worldwide Americas Region convened for an intense two day working session in Dana Point, CA.

14 delegates from 8 countries plus the participation of Agilium’s global Chair, Pedro Nieto, CEO of Ellis & Partners, Madrid, Spain, discussed regional strategy, business development sharing and a sharpening of best practises to be better equipped and more than ready to meet market and client demands. The key theme was to define Agilium’s difference and competitive edge.

The latest social media and communications tools were presented so that members could adapt and adopt them for their local markets. Standing out from the pack was agreed to be crucial.