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Fact is, most of us are still noticing the repercussions of the recent pandemic, of global travel and movement restrictions, of collapsing supply chains and shifting shortages of goods and raw materials. And the demand for specialists and executives with international experience is rising steadily whilst the availability of such talent isn’t. How can companies solve this dilemma? How can they productively identify and qualify executives at international level? How can they succeed in retaining talent long-term? Here’s how. Companies can apply the following four principles to achieve sustainable and successful staffing:

  1. Create a targeted search profile. This forms the basis of a consolidated and coherent search process and needs to be given careful consideration. For example, compensation packages for ideal candidates vary significantly from country to country. What is the prevailing salary structure as regards fixed and variable components? What other benefits are available? What about company cars, how much annual leave? And the critical question: Why should potential candidates even consider switching to a new employer?
  2. Develop a suitable international search strategy. This will be created around what issues motivate the future jobholder now, with regard to the position to be filled, and concerning the country where the search is being conducted. In a multifaceted approach the right search strategy will be adapted specifically to both active and passive executive search.
  3. Implement a specific validation process for international This will verify documents such as certificates and references and evaluate training and higher education institutes. In this context too, we can ascertain major country-specific differences. Depending on the position and country in question, different kinds of competence screening tools are used to assess the suitability of the candidates for the desired role. These may include various recruitment tests, assessment centers and “trial days”. However, corporate decision makers need to recognize now and not tomorrow that, in the current market, it’s the international talents who choose their employer and not vice versa! Consequentially, how attractive the job and the employer are, how large the scope is, and what the company values are, all play a decisive role.
  4. Assure there are suitable pre-boarding, onboarding and integration programs. These are all crucial stages of the recruiting procedure. Once the contract is a done deal, the future employee needs to be introduced to the company and his/her new role as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the programs are right, they will help determine whether the new talent can offer added value to the company promptly, and whether the company will be able to retain him/her in the long-term.

And finally, it has to be mentioned that mistakes made in the search process may, unfortunately, prevail throughout the entire employment process and, worst case, result in hiring the wrong candidate, subsequently costing the company substantial money and time.

Key takeaways from an international client meeting held jointly by Dr. Matthias Rode from Liebich & Partner, and Jaana Pollari from Johto Advisors, Agilium Worldwide’s member firms in Germany and Finland respectively.

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