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Renewable Energy

Renewables are the world's fastest-growing energy resource, with wind and solar being the most prominent sources, while hydro, biomass and geothermal are gaining ground. Sustainability encourages businesses to focus their decision-making on the environmental, social, and human impacts in the long-term, rather than on short-term gains, and is becoming a top priority. Parallel to these developments is a surge in the need for top executive talent and competent leaders with the right mindset. Rapid “green programs” create thousands of jobs and that's a lot of people who need executive leadership. Executive search consultants are seeing a steadily increasing global demand for their services in these sectors and for candidates with the necessary behaviors and skills to secure corporate sustainability. Three Agilium Worldwide members talk about current developments and their latest assignments: 

peter pallesenPeter Pallesen, Sorth & Co., Denmark (http://www.sorthco.dk/): “It seems like the global wind industry is still partially looking towards Denmark. Currently, some OEMs here are booming and will continue to grow throughout 2021. Others however, are restructuring and/or even struggling slightly. As regards sub-suppliers, several are also suffering due to the ongoing focus on the cost of energy, but then others are adapting and doing really well. Here at Sorth we are currently searching for a Global Key Account Manager for a green energy sub-supplier and a Senior Strategy Consultant for an energy provider. The searches have been going well with no major challenges. For the future, as knowledge and knowhow regarding wind energy is global, we are noticing that some projects are starting to move outside of Denmark and becoming more international.”

bernard vanderlandeBernard van der Lande, Tula Executive Search, USA (https://www.tulainternational.com/): “We expect that renewable energy will get a very strong boost with the new US administration. And that wind and solar power will continue to grow. Renewable energy prices will probably continue to go down and show even more parity with traditional energy sources. Currently we are working on a rather unique search. We’re looking for a CFO for a real estate company that builds sustainable communities (involving solar and thermal heat). In particular, we are looking for a candidate who is well connected and has an excellent understanding of both real estate and power project financing. And the good thing is, candidates in the renewables/green energy market tend to be more loyal and less inclined to move around. They also seem to have a greater passion for their work and be less focused on the compensation. More than ever though it’s important to sell the journey and the challenge. For the future we definitely see renewable energy as a big growth industry. And here we are not only referring to wind and solar but also electric cars, batteries, and “enabling” businesses such as data analysis and AI.”

darren resizeDarren Challis, Challis & Company, Australia (https://www.challis.co/): “We recently completed a search for a listed Australian grocery retailer to find an executive to lead their new sustainability subsidiary. The group is focused on reducing energy, food wastage and packaging materials, and creating new revenue-streams as it assists the broader ecosystem. The challenge here is that many companies have been focused on measuring sustainability impact, but the real talent, and the candidates we are looking for, must be able to find practical and commercial solutions, and be able to influence and inspire those within the group and outside the group (including the supply chain) to support the drive towards a more sustainable outcome.”


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