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In a world where meetings between candidates and clients take place via video conference, and where recruitment and hiring are conducted virtually with no face-to-face encounters, search consultants can provide accurate and predictive assessment and bring invaluable insights to identifying the best executive and non-executive talent.

hannah challisChallis & Company in Australia ( unconditionally believes in the essentiality of psychometric testing and has made it an integral part of its search and development processes. Using the best online psychometric tools on the market—together with structured interviews and 360° references—Challis & Company assesses talent and incorporates the results into reliable profiles and reports for debriefing clients and candidates.

Executive Director, Hannah Challis, an Organisational Psychologist, stresses that the more ways consultants can engage with a candidate and gain deeper insights into their behaviour and character, the more reliable the decision-making of the search process. Challis & Company uses a battery of trusted online psychometric tools, evaluates the results, and then produces tailored, personal reports and development plans.

In a recent client engagement, two external—and one internal—candidates were briefed ahead of completing a battery of assessments and each candidate received feedback on their results.  In this way, each candidate felt they had received valuable developmental insights irrespective of them being offered the role. For the client, the candidate debrief discussion yielded insights into each candidate’s competency for the role and the information was fed into 360° references and integrated with other information. Not only did the data from the psychometrics aid the hiring decision, it was also used by the client to shape onboarding and expectation conversations.

The impact of COVID-19 only accentuates the value of testing. Challis & Company is working with Boards and CEOs, who are making hiring decisions without having an opportunity to meet candidates face-to-face. In this scenario, the psychometric testing is even more critical.

Furthermore, social distancing has led to organisations and individuals operating with dramatically changed working arrangements, and these may last some time. Psychometric assessment provides crucial information on how people and teams may react to the repercussions of physical distancing, social isolation and remote working . According to Hannah, deeper knowledge about an individual’s core values and type of character enables leaders during these times to be more empathetic to an enormous range of different responses, challenges and needs, and to implement effective working arrangements and the right culture.

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