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Dr. Matthias Rode (Liebich & Partners) has been elected Regional Director, EMEA, at Agilium Worldwide.

“Thank you very much for voting for me to be the EMEA representive in the Executive Committee. My goals are to increase the added value for the members of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE by improving internal communication and strengthening the AGILIUM WORLDWIDE brand externally. I look forward to working together with the Executive Committee to achieve these goals.”

For further information, visit Liebich & Partner AG

Regional Directors are elected by the members of the group for three year terms, and a director may serve for up to two consecutive terms. Matthias´ predecessor in the role was Alberto Belloni (Belloni & Associates), a long standing member of the group, who served on the Executive Committee for six years. We thank Alberto for his dedication and service, and congratulate Matthias for the vote of confidence received by his partners in agilium Worldwide.

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