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Sorina Faier

Managing Partner, Elite Searchers, Romania

Sorina Faier

Managing Partner, Elite Searchers, Romania


Located at

A Herastrau Office
30-32 Daniel Danielopolu Street
014134 Bucharest


Sorina Faier

A highly experienced executive search, salary survey, assessment and consulting professional, Sorina has built an impressive career over the past 17 years.

Proficient in both English and German, Sorina has worked effectively on numerous national and international projects, earning a reputation for unparalleled expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated her executive search skills, successfully matching top-tier candidates with prestigious organizations. Her versatility is further exemplified by her work conducting salary surveys, which provide organizations with critical insights into industry standards and help them develop competitive compensation packages.

In addition to her extensive experience in executive search and salary surveys, Sorina also excels in assessment and consulting. Her meticulous approach and deep understanding of organizational dynamics have allowed her to provide invaluable guidance to companies in their critical decision-making processes, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Sorina's notable achievements include the launch of "one2one", the first of its kind employee engagement app in Romania. This groundbreaking initiative underscores her innovative thinking and commitment to increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Her comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the business world, combined with her multilingual skills, make Sorina an invaluable asset to any organization seeking unparalleled expertise in executive search, salary surveys, assessments and consulting.


  • Executive Search
  • Salary Surveys
  • Candidate Matching
  • Assessment
  • Consulting Services