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María Antonieta Toro Castro

Managing Partner, Global Coach Consultores, Chile

María Antonieta Toro Castro

Managing Partner, Global Coach Consultores, Chile


Located at

La Concepción 161 of 601
7560942 Santiago


María Antonieta Toro Castro

An entrepreneur from 2005 to date, María Antonieta Toro C. has been a managing partner of Talent Hunters, Human Capital Solutions, and currently of Global Coach Consultores.

María Antonieta has over 25 years of experience in searching executive talent and specialists and in HR consulting. Possessing extensive experience in numerous industries and markets, her main clients are companies operating in technology, banking, retail, consumer products, agriculture and public services. She is also an active member of THAmericas, in the role of secretary and member of the board of directors.

María Antonieta's key area of expertise is the search for executives and specialists in the IT sector. In the market she is renowned for her extensive experience and knowledge of IT positions at executive and specialist level, as well as in the finance, commercial and logistics sectors.

María Antonieta is an organizational psychologist, interested in the design and development of tools for identifying, developing and managing human resources. Certified accordingly, she is a representative in Chile of various tools that generate value to processes and companies.

María Antonieta is married and has six children. She practices yoga and outdoor cycling. In her free time she likes to be creative, and to paint decorative and usable ceramic items. She enjoys being close to nature in her country house in the city of Talca in southern Chile.




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