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The People

Katalin Antal Panayoto­poulos

Managing Partner, Arsis Global Consulting, Hungary

Katalin Antal Panayoto­poulos

Managing Partner, Arsis Global Consulting, Hungary


Located at

Dobrentei U. 11.
1013 Budapest


Katalin Antal Panayotopoulos

Having studied and lived in the USA and Europe, Katalin is a global citizen, a catalyst, an influencer and an achiever.

Katalin loves to strive to win and to measure her progress against the performance of others. She has strong work ethics and motivates her clients to settle for nothing less than the best results. Active in the recruitment business for more than 15 years, her passion is forging new paths for candidates, and supporting top talents in discovering their desired career paths. For her clients she will always strive to find the ideal employee that is the best fit.

Katalin carries out mid and top management search and recruitment projects. Her company provides personalised services to clients. Her passion is executive search, management assessment and business transformation, with mainly international clients operating in the manufacturing, construction, packaging and FMCG/retail industries.

Katalin enjoys making the difference, and changing the candidate from being a commodity to being a person who people want to get to know. She believes strongly in the power of first impressions. She is infinitely interested in the “who” - what makes a person unique and how can that person establish a personal brand. Katalin is an ambitious, result-oriented personal brand strategist, talent hunter, coach, influencer, catalyst and an achiever, who supports, encourages, motivates, and challenges talent to dare to be in culturally diverse markets. Her motto is “You are anything but ordinary, so dare to be!”

Katalin gets her energy from sport, from being in the high intensity zone, and she is a huge fan of the 3S’s (sun, sand, sea). In her spare time she runs marathons, where she enjoys the challenges on the road, and compares them to those of completing a complex search project; never give up, the target is the finish line!


  • Executive Search
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal Branding
  • Management Audits
  • Change Management