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Frans Haarmans

Partner & Owner, SDH Executive Search, The Netherlands

Frans Haarmans

Partner & Owner, SDH Executive Search, The Netherlands


Located at

Paijensweg 1
MB 6523 Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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Frans Haarmans

With a master’s degree in Management and Organisation and a bachelor’s in Garden and Landscape Architecture, Frans realized that he was actually fulfilling his passion by being active in executive search.

Frans often contemplated what he would do professionally as he cycled his way to school. He remembered wanting to bring people together, without really knowing whether he could actually make a living from it. His love for nature though led him first to studying garden and landscape architecture, followed later by business administration.

Humanity currently faces some serious challenges, and sustainability has become a necessity. This has also brought back qualities such as integrity and connection, which Frans considers to be indispensable components of good leadership. He considers himself very fortunate that his work allows him to make a tangible contribution, firmly believing that ESG leadership can make people happier and our planet healthier.

When he’s not working Frans likes to enjoy nature, play golf and go walking with his family, preferably in hilly and alpine regions. Continuously changing perspectives fascinate him in that, from a distance, a route might seem logical and easily accessible, but once you get there it can turn out very differently. Frans loves a challenge in which flexibility is at least as important as sound preparation.


  • CEO & Board Search
  • Reliable
  • Personable
  • Professional
  • Leadership Development