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October 2020

Xavier de Zamacona and Jaime Godard Zapata from DeZaSearch - AGILIUM WORLDWIDE’s member in Mexico – fill two executive positions “virtually” and talk about the process

Which positions did you fill? General Director for a Direct Selling Company and Area Director for a professional services enterprise.

The process has obviously changed from being a “face-to-face” one to a “virtual” one. How do you feel about this? We are rapidly adapting to remote interviews as the new, normal process for evaluating candidates. Using video-conferencing tools available on the market enables us to establish a very good level of communication and also a chance to observe the candidates in their chosen environment. We were able to see how quickly the candidates adapted to the “virtual” process and their performances were, at all times, very open and easy-going. However, we do miss the physical and personal contact during the remote interview, as well as the chance to analyze the candidate’s performance in such aspects as arrival, presentation, presence, etc. But otherwise the process of virtual interviews allows us to carry out our work in a very complete, professional and totally transparent way, as if very little had changed.

How did the clients react? Did they take more time to select the final candidates? The clients in both cases followed the process without delays, even improving their efficiency in the candidate interview process with greater flexibility. The board members participated very proactively in the process with the candidates.

What challenges did you face? I don’t think we faced any challenges in the process. Thanks to the client’s wisdom and experience, and the excellent candidates we had, the process progressed very smoothly.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of “virtual search”? It promotes quicker and more flexible access to the candidates. Being able to avoid a lot of travel, the candidates showed a very good tendency to coordinate the interviews with us and with the various representatives of our clients. The process has become much more productive for everyone involved.

XavierXavier de Zamacona, (Managing Partner)

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JaimeJaime Godard Zapata, (Partner)

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