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November 2023

Elite Searchers joins AGILIUM WORLDWIDE global group

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE executive search group is pleased to announce that Elite Searchers has recently joined the international executive search group!

Based in Bucharest, Romania, and represented by managing partner Sorina Faier, Elite Searchers provide extensive executive search alongside additional services such as HR-related surveys, assessments and consulting, and are active in a broad range of industries including the construction, FMCG, energy, automotive and engineering sectors.

Sorina Faier:

We are thrilled to be a part of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE! Being a member of this renowned group gives us access to a network of experienced executive search professionals in over 30 countries, enabling us to expand our reach and offer our clients a truly international search capability and global talent solutions.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with fellow top executive search firms, to sharing best practices and being able to access a wider pool of candidates. This new partnership enables Elite Searchers to tap into the expertise and networks of executive search professionals around the world, giving us the ability to find the best talent for our clients, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Moreover, being a part of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE means that Elite Searchers can stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, and benefit from a wealth of global market intelligence. This will enhance our ability to provide superior executive search services and ensure that our clients receive the best possible talent solutions.

The AGILIUM WORLDWIDE executive committee and members welcome Sorina and her team into the group and are proud to have Elite Searchers on board!

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