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April 2024

Milla Bruneau appointed Senior Partner of Johto Advisors, Finland

Milla Bruneau has joined Johto Advisors - AGILIUM WORLDWIDE's member firm in Finland - as a Senior Partner. Milla has 25 years of diverse experience in international leadership roles, primarily in the private sector, but also in the public sector.

Milla Bruneau has led international and domestic television and film production companies for 20 years. Additionally, she has served, for example, as the CEO of the Sustainable Lahti Foundation. Together with 300 local, national, and international partners, the foundation was responsible for the implementation of Lahti's European Green Capital Year in 2021. Since 2013, Milla has held prominent positions in local and national politics, including the roles of municipal decision-maker and various political positions, but will temporarily step back from these due to her new job commitments. She has extensive experience, as either the chairperson or member, on the board of various organizations.

Jaana Pollari, Managing Partner, Johto Advisors

We're extremely pleased to welcome Milla as our Senior Partner. She brings with her a broad network and international leadership experience. Her diverse leadership experience, track record of driving growth and managing change, and extensive stakeholder network convinced us beyond question. Carefully selected partners are key to our growth. And we expect to share even more partner news after the summer.

Johto Advisors specializes in executive search for board members and management, as well as leadership assessment. Its partners are amongst the most experienced professionals in their field, and have conducted over 1,200 executive searches and over 2,800 leadership assessments both in Finland and internationally.

Milla Bruneau

I'm thrilled about this next step in my career, and grateful to the partners of Johto Advisors for their trust in me. Advising executive teams and boards of directors in leadership searches and thereby contributing to business development are part of my expertise and a core interest of mine.

Johto Advisors' partners are experts in executive search at the top level in Finland, and I can't wait for the upcoming collaboration and the company's further development into an even more significant player, both in Finland and internationally. I'm particularly motivated by strategic advisory in executive search, responding to the ever-changing needs of companies, and mentoring the new generation of leaders in their careers.

Milla Bruneau, Senior Partner: +358 400 408 951




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