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January 2024

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE’s member firm HCCR in Japan has launched new brand Meshd

HCCR, a prominent recruitment firm headquartered in Tokyo and AGILIUM WORLDWIDE member firm, has launched a new brand called Meshd ( Meshd provides specialized recruitment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions that cater to the talent needs of mobility, smart city, robotics, and technology companies seeking to secure top-notch professionals in Japan and the APAC region.

Identifying, attracting, and retaining qualified executive leaders and industry specialists has become one of the most pressing challenges for many companies. This is especially true for organizations operating in fast-evolving industries such as mobility, smart city, robotics, and technology, particularly in geographies known for their shortage of skills and talent such as Japan.

With decades of experience in delivering talent services to technology companies in these competitive labor markets, HCCR, the driving force behind Meshd, has first-hand knowledge of how ill-prepared both companies and the recruitment industry are in meeting these unique challenges. Consequently, the hiring process has become a no-win situation for all parties involved. Employers bear extensive recruitment fees for lengthy, inefficient, and unpleasant procedures that cause top talent to abandon the already limited candidate pipelines.

Meshd aims to revitalize recruitment as a service by offering a highly results-driven approach to talent acquisition, which is tailored to the demands of executive leaders and niche specialists within Industry 5.0. By providing specialized sourcing services in combination with talent capability building, Meshd delivers qualified talent in the short term while empowering clients to develop their own hiring capabilities in the long run, and reducing costs along the way.

Sean Travers, Co-Founder and Executive Officer of Meshd:

“Our mission is to revolutionize how mobility, smart city, robotics, and technology companies - the sectors we encompass under the umbrella of Industry 5.0 - attract and retain transformative talent. Talent is the key to innovation and growth. That's why we are committed to becoming the go-to partner for Industry 5.0 companies in Japan and APAC, as they often face the greatest challenges in securing the top talent required to accomplish their goals.”

With its member firms Prospect India (, ProHR China ( and Meshd, AGILIUM WORLDWIDE has a solid footprint in the Asian-Pacific region.


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