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January 2024

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE grows rapidly in Latin America and Caribbean Region

Pedro Nieto with Paola Abaroa (left) and Mariana Pérez Maldonado from Hunters Americas in Mexico City

The AGILIUM WORLDWIDE executive search group is pleased to announce that eight new member firms and their teams of expert executive search consultants, all based in Latin America and the Caribbean region, recently joined the global network. AGILIUM WORLDWIDE is delighted to now have on board: Careers Inc. (Puerto Rico), CS Talento Humano (Guatamala), Global Coach Consultores (Chile), Grupo Human (Ecuador), Head Hunters Peru, Hunters Americas (Mexico), Head Hunters International (Colombia), and Platino Executive Search (Panama).

New members Adrian Moreno from Hunters Americas, and Antonio José Escovar from Head Hunters International, talked about their motivation to join the group, their expectations and the significance of being members of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE.

Antonio José Escovar:

“We believe that being a part of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE will enhance our reach, broaden our expertise and ultimately, contribute to our clients' success. Collaboration with an international network of headhunters aligns with our commitment to providing comprehensive, cross-border and even more tailored executive search solutions for our clients. 

Furthermore, joining AGILIUM WORLDWIDE has substantial professional benefits for the members of our teams. Having access to a community of skilled and experienced professionals from different parts of the world, and a platform for expanding their expertise, staying updated on global industry trends, and accessing a broader network of potential clients and candidates will be invaluable. As will be the opportunities for knowledge exchange, cross-cultural learning, and the exposure to varied business landscapes.

We are thrilled to be part of the AGILIUM WORLDWIDE network, and look forward to actively engaging with fellow members. We want to foster mutually beneficial relationships, enhance the overall capabilities of the network, and collectively elevate the standards of executive search services, worldwide.”

Adrián Moreno:

“That’s right. In a nutshell, being a part of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE, a prestigious group of companies with local capabilities and global reach, means our teams will have much more global exposure and be able to benefit from extensive knowledge by interacting and networking with great minds in the executive search industry.”  

During his recent visit to Mexico City, Pedro Nieto of Ellis & Partner in Madrid, and Treasurer of the group, was able to intensify his connections to Adrián and to meet some dedicated colleagues. Constructive discussions and cultural exchange helped to strengthen the working relationship and bond between the teams.

Pedro Nieto:

“It’s so important for AGILIUM WORLDWIDE to have an even greater presence in Latin America (LATAM) and the Caribbean region, and be able to tap into the region’s diverse talent pool and dynamic business landscape. Alongside our members in Argentina and Brazil, we now have an even stronger Latin American and Caribbean footprint that will further enhance AGILIUM WORLDWIDE’s global reach and local expertise. Collaborative and effective cross-border partnerships ensure agility and competitiveness in the ever-evolving global market.”

The AGILIUM WORLDWIDE executive committee and members are delighted to have the new LATAM members on board, and are looking forward to working on new projects together. LATAM was already an integral part of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE, represented by member firms Valuar in Argentina and Prime Talent in Brazil. The AGILIUM WORLDWIDE family would also like to take this opportunity to thank these colleagues for their continuous and long-lasting support.

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE’s extended presence in LATAM and the Caribbean region now encompasses ten member firms in 11 locations:



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