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April 2024

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE - EMEA Regional Meeting 2024

AGILIUM WORLDWIDE executive search group recently held its annual EMEA Regional Meeting in Mallorca, Spain. Member firms from 12 countries in the EMEA region convened to celebrate their successes together, strengthen their ties and look to the future together.

This year’s meeting focused on a variety of key areas for AGILIUM WORLDWIDE’s path forward: the extraordinary growth of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE over the past year, with new members in the USA, Europe, and in the Latin America and Caribbean region, its new communications platform and website, as well as strategic markets for further expansion. Sessions also focused on best practices and collaborations in research beyond borders, and new competitive AI tools developed by some of the member firms that are designing and using cutting edge technology in executive search.

Given the global footprint of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE, this EMEA Regional Meeting, organized by Markus Brenner, Regional Director EMEA, and his team at Brenner & Company International Management Consulting, Austria, is an important frontrunner to the Global Meeting to be held in October.

Markus Brenner:

“The meeting was very constructive and highly enjoyable. As Regional Director EMEA I am proud to be able to contribute to the incredible development of our group, and also greatly impressed by the commitment of our members to each other and to the entire group.”

As a group of more than 30 independently owned executive search firms from all around the world, AGILIUM WORLDWIDE members all share common values and the belief in excellence, making the group one of the forefront organizations in executive search, and enabling the trusted partners to deliver their top class executive searches globally.

Dr Matthias Rode, Chairman of AGILIUM WORLDWIDE and partner at member firm Liebich & Partner, Germany:

“We are really pleased with the results of this regional meeting. We were able to meet and integrate new partners, strengthen our personal network of outstanding executive search professionals, and improve our global search and candidate selection processes with modern AI tools. We are now in an excellent position to find the best talent for our clients both locally and globally.”


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