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Mermoz Associés

Located at

51, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 Paris

your personal key contact

Hippolyte Bourlet

Founder & CEO, Mermoz Associés, France


Mermoz Associés

is an independent HR development consulting firm, which accompanies its clients in their recruitment process by making Direct Contact with executives and directors, and generally in their HR concerns.

Our experienced consultants, with a broad range of represented fields, adapt to very different environments and make this diversity a strength for the quality of their advice. Creating encounters and accelerating opportunities, Mermoz Associés connects people, accompanies organisational transformations and makes shared success possible. A long-term partner, the firm accompanies its clients with a tailor-made approach for their recruitment process and in their HR development issues. Resolutely entrepreneurial and gemsmiths, Mermoz Associés works very closely with People and organisations. Connected to business values, strategy and culture, Mermoz Associés makes HR consulting a driver for the success of the company and its employees.