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Elite Searchers

Located at

A Herastrau Office
30-32 Daniel Danielopolu Street
014134 Bucharest

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Sorina Faier

Managing Partner, Elite Searchers, Romania


Elite Searchers

With 13 years of experience in executive search and even more in headhunting, Elite Searchers started its business in 2018 in Bucharest, in a dynamic market where the need for professionals is still growing.

As the human resources market becomes more and more demanding, Elite Searchers expanded its business and search activities in Romania and worldwide. Because finding the right person for an executive position can be challenging, time consuming and maybe even stressful, and simply advertising a job vacancy doesn't work anymore, Elite Searchers was founded as a boutique executive search and headhunting service oriented to finding clients the perfect candidates for their unfilled executive positions.

Elite Searchers has the skills and experience required for executive search and headhunting services. For this, they have become great detectives, psychologists, amazing listeners, always sensitive to the needs of their clients. They guarantee confidentiality and never forget that finding the right candidates for their clients means not only fulfilling the job description, but also finding the people who really understand the company's philosophy. Elite Researchers also developed and launched the first HR application in Romania, one2one, for employee engagement.