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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valuar Human Resources Organization is a professional services firm highly specialized in senior management and executive search.

Valuar has been in business since 1973, identifying and evaluating candidates for key positions. After 30 years of continuous services we have the expertise to offer rich knowledge in targeting and recruiting qualified personnel for most industries, services and functions.

With a team of two partners, three senior consultants and three researchers, Valuar can make a significant contribution to clients by combining international expertise with solid knowledge of local markets.

In Argentina we have a select range of clients across different industries and services, local and international, large and mid sized organizations.

The firm specializes in identifying candidates with personal and professional competencies requested by our clients. We focus particularly on the candidates’ integrity and ethic values, together with their level of energy, commitment, dedication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Throughout the years we have been improving our assessment methods to accurately identify such qualities.

The company is well regarded and known for its ethics, responsibility and custom-tailored executive recruiting methods. We give clients an overall picture and trends of the labor market and apply scientific objectivity to the background, technical and personal skills of each individual. Valuar conducts its business with strict standards based on the guidelines established by the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

We have wide experience in retail, agribusiness, mining, finance, law and consultancy services. Although we conduct a generalist practice, bellow are listed our Core Industry Specialties.

Core Industry Specialties

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