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Human Valoris
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon - Middle East

Human Valoris have been in the Middle East for approaching 20 years. The entity and office in Dubai were set up early 2006 by a team of senior executives.

We have offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Beirut and Qatar very shortly in addition to a legal entity in Paris. In 2014 we joined Agilium Worldwide Executive Search Group that gave us Access to a global network of independent search firms present across 35 countries in Americas, Europe, Middle East (Valoris) & Africa.

Our presence and experience in the Middle East have helped us to build an un-paralleled local network, supporting our Global reach in selecting candidates from various regions : Middle East, Australia, Canada, US, South Africa and Europe. Through our experience, we have gained access to thousands of qualified market specialists throughout the Gulf that support and compliment our business strategy in targeted search.

We have the capability to place these individuals in any of our specialized market sectors from either a local or an international market. Furthermore, with our alliance network of worldwide international search firms, we can proactively manage this process ensuring a consistent and professional approach.

We concentrate on quality, consistency and the ability to form long-term alliances with our clients, working in partnership with them to build business-to-business relationships. We are not unique in what we offer, however we are aware that we need to continue to exceed our client’s expectations in this competitive arena. By adding value to our clients businesses we believe we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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