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Budapest, Hungary

Our company deals with the search and selection of managers and specialists using all of the powerful and modern tools currently available in the market. Our main tool is direct search where together with our partners we identify and target the industrial sector within which we look for a pool of potential candidates.

We are proud that we are always able to innovate, to grow and to be amongst the first to create something new. The members of our team have international backgrounds and meet the high expectations required to operate in such environments. Via continuous learning and development we are able to take local specificities into account.

Besides providing search services we also carry out salary surveys for specific client requests. We feel that we are unique in preparing salary surveys because we target the specific industry taking important elements into consideration such as a business’s size (number of employees, turnover) and the specific region. Instead of approaching the senior managers of a company we talk directly to employees who work in the positions specified in the survey. This improves the accuracy of the salary package information. Our salary survey thus provides the client with truly accurate guidance.

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