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Cycan (Pty) Ltd.
Johannesburg, South Africa

CYCAN is a talent and transition enterprise that provides efficient decisioneering (facilitating conversations that raise awareness and insight, leading to actions that bring change and direction) through our authority (longevity and track record) and authenticity (our people, culture and purpose).

We function within an outcomes-based framework, powered by over 100 years of experience and know-how.

Our services include:
• Retained Executive Search
• Interim Management & Beyond
• Transformational Executive Coaching
• Leadership Acceleration and Change Management
• Talent Acquisition Innovation
• Ancillary Talent Services

Cycan’s leadership appointments have been redefined as Retained Executive Search. Across all industries our candidates truly deliver - not only functionally, but also in terms of leaving a footprint of passion and commitment within the companies they work for.

We have proved that, through Transformational Executive Coaching, it is possible to give people an enhanced view of their current situation, where they want to be and why it has meaning and relevance for them. We help people find solutions for themselves, greatly increasing the likelihood of them embracing, internalising and incorporating the new or changed behaviours in their day-to-day lives.

Leadership Acceleration and Change Management Services are other key arrows in CYCAN’s quiver. Leadership teams in organisations are mobilised, galvanised and positioned to maximise the business opportunities so they can overcome the various challenges and obstacles that may present themselves in a collaborative, focused and energised manner. These incorporate initiatives such as brand integration, group coaching, strategic planning workshops, group communication modeling and transformation management programmes.

Through component-based interventions we identify, assess and report on the leadership, human capital and cultural risks in any planned Merger or Acquisition. Based on the results, we are able to assist clients to manage, minimise or obviate many of these risks, leaving them free to focus on their core business and leverage the opportunities that the merger and acquisition present.

CYCAN offers a unique set of innovative Talent Acquisition Services that help companies to get ahead of the curve when it comes to sourcing their most valued asset: people.  CYCAN’s muscle-building service line has a number of unique components to it through which we are able to offer our clients rare talent that is difficult to access. These individuals are highly skilled and experienced and have the right set of values, aspirations, energies and passions.

Another differentiating component is our Managed Talent Procurement Services offering, which removes the headache and frustration many companies experience during the hiring process. It facilitates a single point of entry model with comprehensive cultural and competency benchmarking mechanisms to ensure that the right appointments are made at the right time with minimal client management overheads.

Through our highly competitive and leading edge offering Interim and Beyond, executive and leadership talent from across the globe can be made available to our clients on an interim or fixed-term basis as the need arises. With the changing face of business and life stages becoming shorter, there are many instances in which an interim engagement is most appropriate.

Underpinning the core stream of our services are a number of Ancillary Talent Interventions which can be offered as stand-alone initiatives to assist companies in various aspects of their leadership acceleration.These include employer brand activation and integration, cultural blueprinting, climate studies, communication and work style thinking, preference dashboarding, outplacement services and career transition management.

Based in Fourways, Johannesburg, CYCAN is the exclusive representative of Agilium Worldwide in Sub-Saharan Africa. This gives us access to high-caliber talent across six continents.


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