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Agilium Worldwide Italy s.r.l.
Rome, Milan, Italy

Agilium Worldwide Italy is a dynamic, innovative retained executive search firm founded by executive consultants with 20 to 30 years solid depth experience in the human resources field.

Its boutique approach focuses on high level, tailor made leadership solutions for international, national, local and family businesses. Agilium Worldwide Italy identifies and assesses senior executives and business leaders, supporting clients in every phase of their growth.

The firm's distinctive feature is its continuing relationship with clients in the logic of business partnerships. Agilium Worldwide Italy's ethical approach is to search and evaluate talented executives who can bring innovation to client companies and drive growth with outstanding performance resulting in long term and sustainable value creation to develop business.

Agilium Worldwide Italy's key distinctive values are :
• Agility
• Speed
• Passion
• Accuracy
• Resilience
• Determination to succeed

In addition to the Core Industry Specialties noted below, Agilium Worldwide Italy specializes in:
• Executive Appraisal
• Leadership Solutions

Core Industry Specialties

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