Agilium Worldwide Member Spotlight

Our Locations

  • Aarhus - Sorth & Co +

    Sorth & Co is a boutique Executive Search firm that serves public and privately held clients in a variety of industries and functions. Its team conducts uncompromising retained search for Read More
  • Accra - Michael Stevens Consulting +

    Michael Stevens Consulting is the leading firm in the Executive Search business in Nigeria and Ghana. It provides highly specialized executive search services with consultants who possess extensive practical experience Read More
  • Amsterdam - McDermott & Bull Europe B.V. +

    McDermott & Bull Europe B.V. is active in Executive Search in the Benelux countries. It has extensive experience in all the major disciplines in numerous industries. Core values such as Read More
  • Asia Pacific +

  • Baden-Baden - Liebich & Partner AG +

    Liebich & Partner AG is one of the leading privately owned Executive Search companies in Germany. Its consultants have access to a large business network and are highly experienced in Read More
  • Barcelona - Ellis & Partners +

    Ellis & Partners focuses exclusively on retained Executive Search. Its key offer comprises in-depth knowledge of the industries covered, passionate and accurate presentation of its clients’ projects, wide candidate reference, Read More