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Overview and Current Climate:
According to Digital Planet 2006, the global marketplace for information and communications technology (ICT) exceeded $3 trillion in 2006 and will reach $4 trillion in 2009. ICT has become the indispensable technology for social and economic growth in developed and developing countries. Communications products and services represent the largest single category of ICT spending in 2006 with $1.5 trillion, but software is the largest growing category, with 9.9 per cent.

The ICT industry is covering more and more aspects of business strategy every day, maturing from becoming a cost centre to a strategic asset within the enterprise. It is because of this that the resources that enable this growth need to be more experienced, specialized and most important, motivated. Organizations have many programs to retain and develop the ICT knowledge of their employees but this is not an easy task if the people are not an adequate fit. Therefore it is necessary to have international search firms like Agilium Worldwide members within their reach that can actually produce people and candidates, thus assuring that adequate fit and enabling their operations and satisfying their needs.

Member firms active in the Technology sector:

Recently completed searches in the Technology sector:

  • Industrial Manager, national supplier/manufacturer of telecommunications & home appliances, Argentina
  • Country Manager, mulitnational high technology & services corporation, Mexico City
  • Country Senior Officer, global telecommunications solutions service provider, Johannesburg
  • Project Manager Coordinator, international information technology & telecommunications company, Argentina
  • Delivery Manager, national technology firm, Mexico City
  • Senior Reporting Analyst, leadign international provider of technology systems, Argentina 
  • Practice Manager, international software & services company, Johannesburg
  • VP Marketing, international computer software firm, Waltham Massachusetts 
  • Sales Director, international property claims managemeng firm, Johannesburg
  • Product Manager, international technology firm, Argentina 
  • Chief Financial Officer, local publicly traded IT firm in the networking/communications sector, Johannesburg 
  • President, large local automation services firm, Bogotá Colombia 
  • CEO, international software IT firm, Montreal Canada
  • Process Solutions HSE Leader Eastern Europe, international automation systems technology firm, Eastern Europe Managing Director, European environmental technology firm, Poland
  • Sales/Logistics/IT Managers, large worldwide electronic products manufacturer, Germany
  • Technical Project Manager/Channel Manager, global computer networking firm, South Africa & Dubai
  • Director Human Resources, international technology firm, Germany

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