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Life Sciences & Health Care


Life Sciences and Health Care are exciting areas not only for executive search and the industry themselves, but for every individual because of the potential impact on our health and wellbeing.

Life Sciences include a broad field of disciplines that relates to living organisms and biomedicine. Some of the largest industries that are included in our definition of Life Sciences for executive search are:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • ecology
  • agro technology

Health Care includes a range of sectors such as:

  • Hospitals and health services
  • Government health departments
  • Specialist and corporate medical groups
  • Healthcare academia
  • Biomedical research institutes
  • Primary, aged and community care

Current Climate:
The health and agricultural sciences sectors have been dominated by several factors including:

    1. The rationalization of these industry sectors through mergers and acquisitions.
    2. The competitive search for new products.
    3. The growing industries of bioinformatics in genetics and proteomics.
    4. The proliferation of small enterprises started by inventors with an interesting product and strong desire to commercialize the product.
    5. The growth of government regulation and global standardization of government controls.
    6. An increasingly globally mobile workforce across all job levels and industry sectors

      Thus, the Life Sciences and Health Care sector is highly complex with much specialization, high growth potential, and an interesting combination and interrelationship of large international players and local entrepreneurs. All these factors are good for executive firms that are prepared to develop a focus and expertise in some of these industries.

      International search firms like Agilium Worldwide members have the experience, depth and breadth in this wide ranging Life Sciences and Health Care sector - including boards of director searches - and are poised to help clients fulfill their precise needs. We have the ability to respond both locally and internationally in this sector.

      Member firms active in the Life Sciences and Health Care sector:

      Recently completed searches in the Life Sciences and Health Care sector:

      • VP Government Relations, national trade association of plant science innovations, Ottawa
      • CIO, global leader in hernia repair surgery, Toronto
      • Manager Professional Registration, local information & referral service for child disorders, Vancouver
      • Project Leader R&D, international pharmaceutical research firm, Barcelona 
      • CFO, local occupational health agency, Chicago Illinois USA 
      • Planning & Controlling Senior Manager, international agricultural company, Argentina
      • International Project Manager, Spanish-based healthcare multinational, Madrid 
      • Director HR, national health care and research society, Vancouver British Columbia 
      • HR Director, international leading generics brand firm, Madrid 
      • Senior Channel Manager, international healthcare firm professional division, Brazil
      • Human Resources Manager, national life scieces firm, Argentina
      • Senior Vice President, local healthcare hospice, Charlestown USA
      • Board of Director, local developer of cancer treating products, Vancouver
      • Senior Sales Manager, global biopharmaceutical firm in CNS & Immunology, Toronto 
      • Board of Directors, local development stage biopharmaceutical company in cancer treatment, North America 
      • Sales Director, leading global pharmaceutical firm, Portugal
      • Commercial Communications Manager, international agricultural & bioscience firm, Argentina 
      • VP Salees, local healthcare hospice, Charlestown, Maryland USA
      • General Manager, American international pharmaceutical company, Bogotá Colombia 
      • HR Manager, global agribusiness & leader in crop protection, Brazil
      • Production Manager, multinational chemicals manufacturer, Rome Italy
      • Marketing Manager, national pharmaceutical firm, Mexico City Mexico 
      • IT Manager, international generic pharmaceutical firm, Lisbon Porturgal
      • Vice President Finance, international eco-friendly plastics manufacturer, Toronto Canada
      • Technical Development Manager, American global agribusiness organization  & leader in crop protection Bogotá, Colombia
      • Materials Director, Quebec-based biopharmaceutical firm, Montreal Canada
      • Vice President Communications, national pharmaceutical firm, Toronto Canada
      • Regional Marketing Director, multinational manufacturer of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and biotechnology products, Brazil
      • Head of Corporate Auditing, leading group in the medical engineering sector, Frankfurt Germany
      • Country IT Manager, European leader in generics products, Lisbon and Portugal

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